Bowling Green, Kentucky is what you might call a "sleeper town." A town in the middle of Kentucky, it may be easy to dismiss it as another stop along the highway. This would be a mistake. Bowling Green has long been the epicenter of South Central Kentucky when it comes to tourism, service and entertainment. Did you know that Bowling Green houses the second most restaurants per capita in the United States? There is never a shortage of things to do in our town. THE epicenter of the epicenter, if you will.. is Fountain Square. Bowling Green comes alive at night as the bars light up and music fills the streets. Featuring legendary restaurants, venues and attractions that you would be lucky to find in a much larger city, people of all tastes can find something to do in our town. Whether it's live music, dancing, karaoke, a quiet pint, a stroll or a gourmet meal.. downtown has you covered. 422 Main Street (a little ways down the beautiful Capitol Alley) is where you will find the Alley Pub & Pizza: home to top-tier bar service, delicious one-of-a-kind pizza and the ultimate pub environment. Our owners and staff have deep, decades-long ties to downtown Bowling Green and strive every day to add to what makes it so special.

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